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Apartments in Ottawa should be convenient and affordable

These days, looking for affordable apartments in Ottawa is difficult. Byron Rental Properties Ltd. wants to be the solution.

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Your New Home

Byron Rental Properties Ltd. strives to offer more than just apartments for rent. We want to create a property that will become your next home. We understand that not everyone in Ottawa is ready to buy a home. But why settle for run-of-the-mill and overpriced apartments?

What if we told you that you don’t have to? Our apartments are both secure and clean. Our properties are located in some of Ottawa’s best neighborhoods. We believe in offering these amenities while keeping prices affordable. We understand the benefits and flexibility of renting. And since we’re still selling a roof over your head, we strive to keep our prices low.

Byron Rental Properties Ltd. believes in accommodating everyone. Our apartments are perfect for families, professionals, retirees, anyone looking to downsize, or those who don’t want the burden of homeownership.

Your New Home

Why We’re Different From Other Apartments

So, what makes Byron Rental Properties Ltd. different from other apartment companies? Why are we the better option over owning a home?

We understand renters. We have supplied Ottawa rentals to various tenants for over 50 years. And we learned the common struggles that everyday people face when renting.

We understand you may still be on the fence when choosing apartment companies. We also understand you may be considering buying a home.

No matter which option you choose, you have many considerations — especially as a renter. When that lease renewal comes up, you never know how much the landlord will increase rent. And what if there are unforeseen circumstances, such as an overflowing toilet. How quickly will maintenance arrive and fix the problem?

We understand as tenants, you want the flexibility and freedom of renting without the burdens. We understand that life comes with new opportunities and you may not stay in Ottawa forever.

This is why we accommodate you. Our skilled maintenance workers handle all repairs. We keep up with property maintenance regularly, so these issues will be kept at a minimum. All you have to worry about is relaxing and living your best life.

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Enjoy the Best Ottawa Has to Offer

Our apartment complexes are located in or near some of the best neighbourhoods in town, including Westboro, Kitchissippi, Carlingwood, Hampton Park, Alta Vista and more. This gives our tenants easy access to popular dining, shopping establishments, parks, and the Ottawa River. While our complexes all offer affordable parking, each of these neighbourhoods is highly walkable and provides excellent public transportation services.

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Many of our complexes are located in this premium tourist destination. Westboro is known for its fine restaurants and upscale shopping. It is also located on the banks of the Ottawa River and is home to the popular Westboro Beach. Enjoy the summer sun or refreshing walks in the winter when you decide to call this neighbourhood home.

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Alta Vista

We offer several complexes in or near Alta Vista, a quiet residential neighbourhood with easy access to schools, hospitals, public transportation, and more. This beautiful neighbourhood features lush greenery and is an excellent place to raise a family. It is also home to the new “Trainyards” shopping complex, making it a great place to work or play.

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Hampton Park

Home to our Kirkwood Estates complex, Hampton Park is a beautiful neighbourhood and park located on the western side of Ottawa. The park features excellent hiking, biking, and jogging trails, making this neighbourhood ideal for people who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Making Renting More Affordable

When our father immigrated to Canada in 1953, he had $20 in his pocket. He worked his way into hairstyling and then switched to real estate investing.

Our father taught us more than the ins and outs of real estate investing. He taught us that everyone deals with their struggles and that people deserve a safe place to live and raise a family — whether they have $20 or $2 million in their pockets.

That’s why we offer desirable features and amenities at a price you can afford. Our hardwood floors are lovely and easy to maintain. Nearly all of our properties feature a washer and dryer. We include water and heat in the majority of our units. For more security, some of our units also have keypad access.

Our parents told us always to remember that our success relies on our tenants being content and well looked after. So, likewise, we owe our successes to the tenants who rent from us.

During Covid, this point was never more important, never more relevant.

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What Our Tenants Are Saying About Our Communities

“Dino from Byron Rental Properties is professional, attentive, and a real pleasure to deal with. Lloyd is the property manager and he could not be more dedicated to making sure the property and grounds are well maintained. I’m pretty sure he works 24/7. He is kind, deals with any issue, at any time, and really makes the court feel like a community. Thanks to Byron Rental Rentals for this amazing hire 🙂 I am proud and happy to call my apartment home.”

Meaghan Kehoe via Google

“I had lived at the 198 Macy Blvd location managed by Byron Rental Properties. The units were nicely situated close to Westboro, and have a lot of natural light. The best feature of the unit though is the superintendent Lloyd. He is extremely responsive and accommodating to all tenants and he made living there even more enjoyable. I have also had positive experiences working with Dino, he is attentive, professional, and has been also been extremely accommodating.”

Maggie Paquette via Google

“I lived in a Riverview & Coronation Estates apartment (owned and managed by Byron Rental Properties) for over 3 years, and have nothing but great things to say about my experience. I loved my apartment. Management is always responsive and helpful, and Doug – the superintendent – is kind, friendly, an incredibly hard worker, and always willing to help. When I purchased my home and was moving out of the apartment, Doug even helped me move my heavy furniture. Finally, for what it’s worth, all of my neighbours in the adjacent Byron-owned buildings were absolutely wonderful, and became dear friends.
I would absolutely recommend Byron Rental Properties to anyone!”

Jenna Calvano via Google

“I have lived at one of the properties of Byron Rental for 20 years, and during this time, at least three companies have have been owners. Dino, of Byron Rental, has been the only person who has really cared about the people who live in his units. On numerous occasions, he (and our Super Ray) have helped myself and my wife with issues that have cropped up over the years… always in a helpful and calm manner. He even follows up well after the issue has been resolved. I couldn’t be happier living here, especially with the confidence of knowing if something comes up, I will get the help I need to fix it! Thanks Dino and Ray!”

Mark Baylin via Google

“By far the best housing experience I have ever had. The staff from Byron rental properties go above and beyond to meet the needs of thier tenants. Derek is my building supervisor and he is a God among men when it comes to anything repair or maintenance related. Never have I ever experienced faster or friendly service while dealing with a property company. Dino made my rental agreement and paperwork a complete breeze and handled it with a refreshing and poised position. All in all byron rental properties is an amazing place to live as a tenant and I could not be happier as I have had horrible experiences with other ottawa housing providers. 10 out of 10 would definitely recommend if you are in search of somewhere to live.”

Mathew Asquith via Google

“I have lived at Byron Estates and have had a wonderful experience there. Not only is the location perfect, and the apartment gets such great sunlight, but the Landlord and Site Superintendent are very amazing and very attentive to their tenants. I am not one to write reviews, but I want to make it a point to mention how incredible Derek, the Site Superintendent, has been throughout my time here. He has always been super friendly, accessible, and quick to address any minor issues I may have had, and he deserves to be recognized for that! Dino, the landlord, has also gone above and beyond to help make my transition moving into and out of my apartment during this unpredictable year remarkably easy and has helped me keep my peace of mind! I am sad to be leaving this apartment as it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with both Derek and Dino, but I cannot recommend Byron Estates, Derek, and Dino enough!”

Kiera Lamont via Google

I have been a tenant at Byron Apartments Redwood Ave for 5 plus years. I am in a bright sunny 2 bedroom. I cannot say enough about the landlord and Derrick the building maintenance person that keeps the grounds and buildings absolutely spotless. I loved my stay here and highly recommend it to anyone looking to rent. Thanks Dino and Derrick for all you do!

G Backs via Google

I lived at their Coronation Avenue property for over a year. I only moved when I urgently needed a bigger apartment, and there was nothing available. I had an amazing experience living at their property and would contact them again first if there is any need to move out from my current rental. The Landlord is kind and understanding. The Superintendent is professional and works hard at pleasing the tenants.

Chinyere Opia via Google

My husband and I lived at a Byron Rental Property (Coronation) for 4.5 years and had an excellent experience. Our superintendent (Doug) has been very respectful and responsive when we experienced any issues as is the owner, Dino. Very clean buildings and the rent is quite reasonable given the size and location of the apartments.

Holly Pankhurst via Google

I have been a tenant at Kirkwood Estates for 3 years now. The building is very quiet, with pleasant neighbors. The landlord is very genuine and helpful whenever needed. A positive experience for me😊

Kelli Doyle via Google

I have lived at Lockhart Estates for the last two years and I have greatly enjoyed my stay during that time. Management at Byron Rental Properties is helpful and responsive. The on-site superintendent is also very convenient and has been very helpful for timely repairs and answering any inquiries. I recommend Byron Rental Properties to anyone looking for affordable rental properties in great locations.

Zachary Broth via Google

“This will be my 3rd year living at Byron Properties at the Coronation Estates, I have nothing but great things to say about them. They have been so accommodating and so helpful through the COVID pandemic and even before that. They care about there properties and you can clearly tell. They are extremely quick at fixing problems, response time is amazing. When I’m asked for rental recommendations. I always recommend Byron to people. Thanks for being so great to your tenants!”

Ryan Brady via Google

“We lived at Byron West Properties for just over a year and had a great time!! The apartments are spacious and well maintained. Everyone we dealt with was professional and friendly. Highly recommended!”

Jocelyne Green via Google

“I highly recommend Byron Properties Ltd., the Landlord is kind, caring and thoughtful towards their tenants, they take great pride in their buildings condition and landscaping, they are different from most “landlords”, because they focus on their tenants wellbeing and comfort, they display excellent leadership, with repairs, tenant needs and service, always very friendly and professional service. Thank you”

Mark Darroch via Google

“I highly recommend Byron Rental. I lived at 198 Macy Boulevard and loved my unit. The location is very central (in Westboro) and my apartment was very spacious and had tons of natural light coming through the big windows. I appreciate the landlord Lloyd for his attentiveness. He always picks up the call no matter what time of day and does his best to solve any issues that may come up as quickly as possible. My experience with Dino has been nothing short of amazing as he has been very supportive and accommodating. I truly appreciate their service and will definitely be referring them to friends and family!”

Krisor Kitna via Google

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If you are interested in learning more about one of our units, call us today to schedule a tour. We look forward to showing you all the great features our complexes have to offer and helping you find your next home.

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